The Jordan Family Foundation


June 23rd, 2013
By Diana G. Jordan Secretary

One of the new policies passed by TFJ Board
was a confirmation of the TFJ Coat of Arms.
Strictly speaking, a COA is granted to an
individual, not a family group. However, many
groups investigating their ancestors have settled on
a COA to represent the family’s origins. We have
sometimes called it a Crest, but properly it is a Coat
of Arms; the Crest being what is above the shield.
Our family COA is a succinct package that
tells a tale of our earliest identified ancestor, Sir
William Deardon, who changed his name to Jordan.
Coats of Arms are traditionally described in
heraldry code given in a specific order as to design
and colors.


Family Jordan Crest


Ours is described as:
Shield: Azure a lion rampant Or within eight
cross crosslets fitchee of the last [or “of the
Azure (blue – the background color of the
a lion rampant (a lion reared up as in attack)
Or (gold – the color of the lion)
within (surrounded by)
eight cross crosslets (Jerusalem crosses)
fitchee (the lower part extended as in a dagger)
of the last (the previous color mentioned –
Crest: A wreath alternating Or and Azure a
crescent increscent Or A wreath (the circular
interwoven cloth just above the shield or
sometimes shown on top of a knight’s helmet)
alternating Or and Azure (customarily
alternating the two primary colors on the
shield) a crescent increscent (a waxing
crescent moon) Or (gold – the color of the
Motto: Percussa Resurgo Percussa Resurgo
(Latin for “Struck down, I arise” [approximate
Sir William Deardon, an English knight
crusader in the 12th Century who, observed by
King Richard the Lion-Hearted to best a
Saracen in battle after being knocked off his
horse, was dubbed by the king, “Sir Jordan”,
after the Jordan River. Sir William
subsequently requested it as a permanent name
for himself, his descendants, and his home in

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