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How to Post

June 23rd, 2013

Any member can post questions or comment on an existing post.

To do this you first need to log-in. This requires you to link at least one social account such as Facebook, Google+ (gmail), Twitter or Yahoo. If you do not have one of these accounts they are easy and free to get up.





Once completed you will never need to remember an additional login for the Family Jordan web site.

This should cut down on spam posts at the Family Jordan web site as any new contributor will need a social account and these services already have strong spam/hacker countermeasures in place.


How to Post


After you log in you should see a bar at the top of the screen with a “+NEW” button.

This button allows you to write a new post that will appear in the “Posts” OR to add media such as pictures and PDF documents.










 All posts need to be reviewed by an administrator before they will appear on the site. This may take a day or two. If your post does not appear within 3 days please contact the web admin to see if there is a problem.





After entering your new post please select the appropriate category and then press the publish button.

If you need to take a break you can press the [Save Draft] button and if you want to see what the post will look like you can use the [Preview] button.

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