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January 12th, 2013

I have just discoverd from an Irish Co, Down Will of 1747 which mentions them that I have three Jordan ancestral relatives. I think they may have emigrated to Canada or the USA not longer after that date as I cannot find them in Ireland. Their names were: – (1) Jane Jordan nee Delahay (from a Huguenot family that came to Ireland in the late 1600’s). I think she would have been born in the 1670’s. (2) Jane’s daughter Jane Jordan (3) Jane’s son Arthur Jordan. I have no dates for them unfortunately other than that they were obviously alive when Thomas Delahay (Jane’s brother) died in 1747 but they are not mentioned in the 1793 Will of his widow Margery/Margaret Delahay. Jane Jordan had a sister who married a Little, probably of Co. Down. So I assume that Jane may have marreid a Jordan from Co. Down. One of the Little family left money in the 1793 Will made in Co. Down was actually living at Caledon in Ontario Canada at the time. That makes me think Jane Jordan and her children may also have emigrated to Ontario, Canada after 1747.

If anyone has seen a mention of a Jane or Arthur Jordan in the USA or Canada in the right time period, please contact me by email as I live in New Zealand. By the way, I am a descendant of the Irish Delahay line, not the Jordan one. Thank-you for reading this. Barbara Holt. Email me at

by Barbara Holt » 12 Jan 2013 02:14 am


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  • Ralph Jordan says on: 2014 at 10:52 pm


    Barbara – Did you have any responses to this posting? If not, and you are still seeking inpu, I suggest you have Sally Jackson

    put an item in one of our future Newsletters. This sometimes works more effectively than the Web.

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