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Jordans dying at 9-11 World Trade Center

September 10th, 2011

Story from Newspaper

Andrew Jordan
Ladder 132

Memorial Service Held
June 21, 2002

Remember Andrew B. Jordan

Meet Andrew Jordan. On September 11th, 2001, he went to work, just like everyone else, but unlike your average Joe, Andrew knew that this might be the day he’d lose his life to save someone else’s. See, Andrew was a firefighter.

After graduating from West Islip High School in 1983, Andrew headed to Ohio to attend a technical school. He was soon back in New York, where he went to work for the Long Island Lighting Company, also known as LILCO. As his mother Eileen told me, “he spent his days up the power poles.”

In 1994, Andrew became a firefighter. He joined up with Division 15, Battalion 38 out of Prospect Heights in Brooklyn in 1995. On September 11th, 2001, Andrew was a proud member of Ladder Company 132, known, eerily appropriately, as “The Eye of the Storm.”

One of the things I seemed to see a lot of on comments and in news stories, was how gentle Andrew was.

Firefighter Randy Foss of Ladder 132 described Andrew as “…a real fun loving guy. A big fellow, but a gentle giant.”

“He was a super, super strong guy,” said Lt. John Graziano “but as strong as he was, that’s how nice he was.”

When I talked to Andrew’s brother John, he also mentioned that Andrew really was a gentle giant. He also told me that Andrew loved to fish, and that his favorite saying was “It’s great to be alive!”

Andrew was one of eight kids (Margaret, Mary, Ellen, Andrew, Thomas, Elizabeth, Bernadette and John), born to Thomas and Eileen Jordan. He was also a first generation American, as his parents both came from Ireland, a heritage Andrew was very proud of. (Andrew was named for his paternal grandfather, and his middle name, Brian, came from his maternal grandfather.) As his sister Margaret told me; “As the first son, he was doted on. Andrew was a loving, gentle person, who demonstrated tremendous patience and physical strength.”

Andrew was a son, a brother, and he was also a father and a husband. He and his wife Lisa had 4 kids; Andrew Jr., Mathew, Kelsey, and Sean, who was born September 26th, 2001. Andrew never got to meet his youngest child.

I would like to thank Andrew’s mother Eileen for taking the time to talk to me about her firstborn son, his brother John, for letting me see who his brother was, and his sister Margaret, for sharing things so close to the heart, and letting me put it out here for the world to see. Without all of you, this tribute would have felt empty. You all have my heartfelt respect, as does your entire family.

Thank you for letting me (and the world) know Andrew’s smile. The one that lit up a room.

19 comments so far … n&r=Gjenny on September 24, 2006

was nice to read about Andrew!! I’m part of the Jordan family back in Ireland and never got to meet him. I have now heard all about him and will never forget xx … =GJonathan Jordan on November 5, 2007

On the evening of September 11, 2001, I sat watching TV in my living room in complete disbelief of the tragedy that unfolded on that day. I remember asking my 4 year old son to let me listen to the TV as I held him tight. Thank you for this tribute to one of the amazing heroes of that day. My thoughts and prayers will always be with families and heroes of 9/11 . My name is Jonathan Jordan and my son is Andrew. … &r=GAndrew K. on June 7, 2008

I would like to extend my deepest condolences to the Family of FF Jordan, and to all the Families who lost their loved ones on 9-11. I too am a Firefighter from Lebanon, Missouri. After the names were released I checked to see if someone with the same last name as mine had perished on that day. I found Andrew’s name. See my name is also Andrew K. Jordan, and I am assigned to Ladder 2. I would like permission from the Jordan Family to put FF Andrew Jordan, Ladder 132 on the back of hat with FDNY on the front. I want to do this as a memorial. I have several of you that know the family, I was wondering if there was a way someone could contact them for me?
Lt. Andrew Jordan
Lebanon Fire Dept
Lebanon, MO.

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    by ralijo » Wed Sep 14, 2011 8:43 pm

    A lot of brave heros gave the supreme sacrifice, life, along with victims of the World Trade Center catastrophy. We need to remember “freedom is not free” as there is a price we must pay if we are to continue to enjoy its amenities. 9/11 was an example of our willingness to do so. May we never forget. Ralph L. Jordan

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    by Kenn Jordan » Sun Sep 18, 2011 9:42 am

    I would also like to extend my condolences to FF Andrew Jordan’s family. I am a firefighter in Addison, NY and our department was one of many in the state on standby for deployment to assist FDNY.

    It seems that the desire to help others runs deep in the Jordan family. My grandfather, Kenneth Jordan, was a firefighter, as was my father Keith Jordan.

    I am an assistant chief in Addison FD, and my both of my 17 year old daughters are firefighters as well.

    The actions of FF Andrew Jordan and the rest of FDNY on 9-11-01 will never be forgotten and will always stand as a testament to the true nature of Americans and their willingness to help others in a time of need.

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