The Jordan Family Foundation


June 6th, 2013

The Jordan Family Foundation strives to do the most efficient job possible to maintain an accurate data base for our members and correctly allocate contributions made to the Foundation’s projects and programs. Completing information as requested on the Membership & Contributions Form will help us to do so.

Glossary of Terms

Primary Member:

The person of record will be listed in our database as being the authorized voting member. [One Vote per each membership unit, whether Individual, or Family.]


Please check applicable box as to whether a contribution is for a New Membership, a renewal of your Annual Membership, a Gift Membership for someone outside the family unit, or Reinstating a Lapsed Membership. [List all Membership contributions in the Description Box as “Individual” or “Family” whichever is applicable.]

Gift Membership:

You must fill out a separate form for each Gift Membership [Scanned or Xeroxed Forms are acceptable. Extra copies will be sent on request to the Membership Chair].


The Foundation Welcomes any business to become an annual Membership supporter. List the Name of the Business in the “Primary Member” block and check whether it is “new” or a Membership Renewal”

Restricted Contributions:

Restricted Contributions cannot be taken as credit for Membership. Such contributions may be restricted for Scholarships or “Other” approved projects and programs of the Foundation. If “Other is checked, the project or program MUST be noted on the Check.


The Foundation welcomes unrestricted contributions of any amount. All unrestricted contributions will be deposited to the “General” or “Capitol Projects Reserve” as the Foundation Treasurer and Board deem is of most benefit.

Check Payee:

All checks must be made payable to: “The RR&SW Jordan Foundation, Inc.”. Failure to do so will require the Treasurer to return check for re-issuance.

Any additional questions may be directed to Membership Chair
Gloria M. Allen, 15 Flagg St. Augusta, ME 04330 or by email to: 

[Click Here] to download a Membership Application

The Jordan Family Foundation